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Community Action Plan December

Date: 05/12/2016

The Onehunga Enhancement Society

T  O  E  S

Thank you for your support! We have managed to slow NZTA down.

The Public Meeting to launch the Community Plan was a great success with over 350 attending. Due to the participation of all those who attended Councilor Denise Lee and members of the Local Board and the community. NZTA CEO Tommy Parker acknowledged the community's opposition to the NZTA design. We are excited to say that Councillor Denise Lee has successfully gained support from the Auckland Council for NZTA to delay submitting its resource consent so that the community has a better chance to have their say and to have the Community Plan independently evaluated. We'll keep you posted on
1. Get 5 friends or neighbours to support the Community Plan by registering on the TOES website and liking us on Facebook it's free. We need your support to raise awareness and invite people to future community events such as a coastal walk and cycle this summer.
2. Sign the Sea Scouts Petition, it takes only 1 minute. The future of their historical building and their activities are at risk.

3. To show your support the below Community Plan poster is only 80 cm wide and 1.2 m long. If you are willing to have one placed on your fence please contact he will come an install it for you.
 The more signs up the better.

4. Attend one of the NZTAs "Communication Hub meetings and let them know you object to their plan and support the Community Plan. NZTA information Hub's are being held at 10 Gloucester Park Onehunga

6th December 4-00pm to 6-00pm 
8th December 4-00pm to 6-00pm
13th December 4-00pm to 6-00pm 
15th December 4-00pm to 6-00pm 

Thanks again everyone and have a Merry Christmas!