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Call for Historic Photos of Onehunga

Date: 20/09/2016

RE:TRACE is a project designed to reflect and celebrate
the heritage of Auckland neighbourhoods through
storytelling and personal photographic archives. An exhibition
of this work will be displayed as part of the Heritage Festival
(24 September - 9 October). An artistic representation
will then be created for Art Week (8 - 16 October).


We compiled a range of images from each area which are currently being displayed at the following locations:

Northcote - Northart

Onehunga - Onehunga Business Association

Manukau - Manukau Library

Takapuna - Takapuna Library

These will be displayed until at least the 18th of October at each location.

The second component of the project is an artistic representation of each suburb. We engaged with artists through The Big Idea who either live in, or have strong connections with each area. These artists were commissioned to produce a set of art work which draws on the historical imagery and/or their own memories and feelings of the area. This work is now complete and will be printed on boards and displayed as part of Art Week outside Britomart on Lower Queen Street. These will be on display fromTuesday 11th October until Sunday 16th October. From here there is the possibility for the art print panels to go back to the community for display.

It would be great to hear back from you, or anyone
you know who might be able to provide content
for this project. Contact:
John Sutton
022 0956 135